About Us

Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is an orthopedic rehabilitation facility in Reno, NV that was founded on the principles of Faith, Foundation, and Fellowship. We believe that quality orthopedic rehabilitation is the result of sound education, innovative application, and most importantly, genuine caring.

From our geriatric population to our athletes, Premier's clientele may expect individually designed physical therapy programs that are sensitive to their specific needs and abilities.

Rehabilitation takes place in a clean, friendly, and vivacious environment, where communication between patient, therapist, and physician assures continuity and safety. Our modern facility contains state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a full compliment of the most effective therapeutic modalities. In addition, our facility is easily accessible from the freeway as well as local surface streets and before/after work hours are available.

Education and experience enables Premier's therapists to be sensitive to each individual's specific needs and abilities and then adapt accordingly. Our physical therapy programs employ a balanced blend of manual therapy and functional/corrective therapeutic exercise, which will help our clients reach their specific goals by minimizing their pain and maximizing their potential.

Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance offers all types of physical therapy services with specialization in orthopedics, spinal pain/dysfunction, pain management, functional mobility training, and sports performance. We don't follow one philosophy of treatment as each has its own limitations so we combine techniques from the multiple disciplines to better help our patients... especially those who have not benefited from physical therapy treatment in the past.

Thank you for your consideration of Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance the next time you need physical therapy services.


Tim Kuhn, DPT, CSCS


Tim Kuhn, PT, DPT, CSCS

Chris Amundson, PT, DPT, MS
Clinical Director

Laura Arnold
Office Manager